We Raise the Bar Higher

VCE provides specialized structural engineering services in the domain of cement plants, thermal power plants, other industrial and chemical plants, institutional and real estate spaces, infrastructure, irrigation, jetties and river bank protection works

The spectrum of services includes:

  • Project planning, concept and basic design
  • Topographic, geotechnical, hydrological and bathymetry surveys
  • Civil and structural-design and design review services
  • Architectural and interior design services
  • Cost estimation, AFE and tender document preparation
  • Assistance in evaluation and finalization of tenders
  • Construction planning, management and site supervision
  • Structural audit and design of repair works

The VCE team has vast experience in structural design and design review of concrete and steel structures based on European, American and Indian codes. It is a group of highly qualified, skilled and motivated personnel equipped with latest knowhow and sound global industry practices for delivering results with precision and reliability to the delight of clients.

All projects at VCE have an underlying goal of optimising project output and efficiency.



To emerge as a global pioneer in engineering consultancy



To create innovative, cost-effective and sustainable engineering solutions. To develop professionally motivated and technologically advanced teams that create unique value propositions for our clients and stakeholders



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Integration Innovation
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Flagship Projects

Our flagship projects represent technologically advanced, innovative design and reliable solution across the globe.


Project Planning, Concept Design and Basic Design

Creation of schematic blueprint on which rests the final project design in compliance with industry standards and regulations, project scope and requirements, sustainability of environment.


Topographic and Geotechnical Survey

Topographic and Geotechnical Survey Measurement and identification of exact location and specifications of natural and man-made features within an area of land
Investigation of soil stratification, properties and, groundwater levels, potential hazards, and general conditions that could bear an impact on structural stability.