Project Planning, Concept Design and Basic Design

Creation of schematic blueprint on which rests the final project design in compliance with industry standards and regulations, project scope and requirements, sustainability of environment.

Topographic and Geotechnical Survey

Measurement and identification of exact location and specifications of natural and man-made features within an area of land
Investigation of soil stratification, properties and, groundwater levels, potential hazards, and general conditions that could bear an impact on structural stability.

Hydrological and Bathymetry Survey

Measure of underwater depth and features through bathymetric methodologies of multi-beam and single-beam surveys, ADCPs, sub-bottom profilers and the Eco-mapper Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

Civil And Structural Engineering- Design and Design Review Services

Statistical perspective on overall stability, strength, longevity and structural safety in relation to throughput baseline.

Architectural Design Services

End-to-end architecture delivery including initial design development, construction documentation and administration and design validation

Interior Design Services

Take a design in any shape or form such as drawings, hand sketches & models to its logical 2D or 3D executable conclusion.

Cost Estimation and Approval for Expenditure (AFE) Preparation

Cost baselines, financial forecasts, budget estimates, and feasibility studies to ensure project worthiness within its defined scope.

Review of Structural Audit Report, Design of Repair Work and Site Supervision

Preparing specifications of structural audit, reviewing the structural audit reports, formulating and designing cost effective and durable repair works and construction supervision

Tender Document Preparation, Assistance in Evaluation and Finalization of Survey, Construction and Repair Work Tenders

Tender profiling, formatting, case study generation, boilerplate responses, tender designing and submissions.

Construction Planning Management and Supervision

Designing construction models, planning, execution and monitoring project management plans.